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Platinum Fire Protection Services

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Green ProjectsPlatinum Fire Protection offers a wide range of products and services to help protect your home and business.

  •     Annual Inspections / Certifications of all fire sprinkler systems
  •     Antifreeze system testing, installation & recharge per new 10-2 TIA Standards
  •     Installation & Service of all fire sprinkler systems
  •     Fire Pump Installation, testing & service
  •     Backflow Sales, Service & Certification
  •     Kitchen Hood Systems
  •     Fire Extinguisher Testing, Service & Sales
  •     Consultation

  • Commercial
    •     Installation of Automatic fire sprinkler systems
    •     Tenant finish and remodel of all Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
    •     Fire Extinguisher testing and service
    •     Backflow testing, installation and repair- Irrigation, domestic, Fire
    •     Inspections & Service of all Fire Sprinkler systems
    •     Fire Pump testing, repair and maintenance
    •     Antifreeze testing at no additional charge
    •     Consulting and engineering services

    •     Installation of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems
    •     Sprinkler Inspections, services & repair
    •     Backflow testing, installation and repair - Irrigation, Domestic & Fire
    •     Basement Remodels

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